Frequently Asked Questions

What will College Possible help me with?
Students will be paired with a coach who will support them in their goals to obtain a college degree. Some primary topics that will be covered include:

  • ACT goals and strategies

  • researching colleges that are the best fit for you

  • college essay and application assistance

  • financial aid and scholarship support

  • college selection and transition advising

How much time will I need to be a part of College Possible?
We are so excited to support you in your goals to get to college and graduate! In order to do this, you are required be in regular communication with your coach. This means that you commit to a monthly one-hour long phone conversation, read bi-monthly eNewsletters and other resources and respond to any other prompts from your coach. While the time that you spend connecting with your College Possible coach is flexible, you must commit to completing other tasks that will help you get to and through college.

If my high school isn’t listed as a partner high school, can I still apply to be a part of the program?

What are the requirements for students?
Eligible students currently have:

  • earn a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher

  • qualify as low-income

  • desire to earn a bachelor’s degree

  • are excited to connect with their coach on a regular basis

How do I apply?

There are three forms to apply for this program:

  1. Student Application

  2. Parent Application

  3. Teacher Recommendation

Once these forms have been submitted, someone from our team will contact you.

Still have questions?
Contact Shannon Oldenburg,Program Manager, at 651-287-2202 or